Paper Cones

cones for yarn textile spinning industries

Depending upon the application the specification of the cone varies. The popular sizes in the present Textile Industries are 9 Deg15', 5 Deg 57', 4 Deg 20', 3 Deg 30', etc.


Paper Tubes and Cores

tubes for fireworks, paper mill reel cores

Our paper tubes have excellent features like water resistance. They are available in all sizes for the distinct requirements and demands of various industries.


Composite Cans

composite containers, food packaging cans

BPC’s Composite Containers are designed to suit the individual requirements of end users with distinct unique graphic designs and the most attractive sales appeal for shelf/retailing, special protection to the contents, convenient handling with suitable handles.


Edge Protectors

edgeboards, angleboards, paper boards

Our Edge protectors are higly suitable for Edge protection of paper reels, flexible film rolls, aluminium sheet coils, laminates and other reeled goods.


Flat Boards

paper flat boards

Our Flat Boards are made of 100% kraft board. It is a product with endless possibilities due to its strength and quality. They are light weight, yet strong. Available in brown and white color.


Conical Bolt Boxes

waxed paper conical bolt boxes

Conical Bolt Box are Cheaper than Plastic Cones & Environment Friendly. A waxed Card Board Cone can be cut away when no longer required.