Our Journey

    Bharath Paper Conversions are manufacturers and exporters of high quality Paper Cores, Paper Tubes, Paper Cones, Paper Edge Protectors, Composite Cans, Conical Bolt Boxes and Square Paper Drums. Established in 1984, the Company has rapidly grown into a leading Paper Converting unit in India with the latest model machinery and an experienced, dedicated team of staff and workers. It caters to the packaging needs of a variety of industries like textile, paper, flexible film, laminates, coir, pump set and engineering. Enriched with more than 4 decades of experience, Bharath Paper Conversions remains the trend setter in the manufacture of paper products providing the bench mark for quality and customer service. A constant monitoring of raw materials quality, dimensional accuracy, crush resistance, breaking strength, roundness, residual humidity and surface quality ensures our customers have trouble free manufacturing process.


    The firm was established in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu with a vision to produce paper-converted products for the textile and packaging industries. Commenced manufacturing of Paper Cores for paper mills and packaging industries.


    Capacity expansion to produce textile Paper Tubes for open-end spinning industries, texturized yarn industries, etc.


    Started to manufacture Fibre Drums for pharmaceutical and chemical industries.


    Installed Automatic Paper Cone Production Line to produce Paper Cones for yarn spinning.


    Expanded our product portfolio by manufacturing Composite Cans for a wide range of product packaging.


    Installed Automatic Production Line for making cardboard Edge Protectors and Corner Protectors.


    Started manufacturing Waxed Conical Bolt Boxes for the construction industry and began exporting to the UK.


    Commissioned the latest model high-speed Automatic Paper Cone Production Line to produce Paper Cones for yarn spinning.


    Additional machinery was installed for manufacturing Paper Cones to meet the increasing demand of the textile industry.


    Installation of brand new high-speed Spiral Paper Core Winding Machine to produce high-strength Paper Cores and Tubes.