Textile Paper Cones

    Spin high-quality yarn using our high-performance paper cones.

    Our experience of more than 4 decades in manufacturing paper cones has helped us acquire knowledge and expertise in understanding the needs of the textile industry and designing the perfect paper cones for yarn spinning. Our yarn carriers are capable of high performance, enhancing the productivity and output quality of fully automatic, high-speed yarn spinning machines.

    These cones are made using 100% recyclable kraft paperboard and they are the best eco-friendly alternative to plastic yarn carriers.

    paper cones for spinning
    plain paper cones for textile industries


    • Different sizes – We make yarn carriers of various tapers such as 5 Deg 57′, 4 Deg 20′ & 3 Deg 30′, 9 Deg 15’, 1 Deg 51’, 3 Deg 51’ etc.
    • Velvet Finishing – In most yarn winding applications, tension at the traverse extreme pulls the yarn towards the cone centre. To solve this problem, we provide suitable Velvet Finishing to the surface of the cones. The Velvet Finish surface is ideal for fine cotton yarns and prevents damage to delicate filaments of synthetic fibres. It not only securely holds the yarn in place but also allows for the printing of colors and patterns.
    • Grooves – Reserve Groove for yarn tail placement is available as well as other grooves for special needs.
    • Notches – V, Y, U, and I notches are available according to customers’ specifications.
    • Printing – The paper cones produced can be printed with inks on its top nose and tapered ends in different colours and easily recognizable patterns, so as to identify the yarns with various counts which would make it easier for your employees and customer to handle. Customer logos, unique symbols or signs can be printed on the cones for branding purposes.
    Brown Winding Yarn Paper Cones
    printed paper cones for textile industries

    Various Cone Sizes and Applications

    • 9 Deg 15′ Cones – Regular, Plain or Plain Point Nose.
      This cone is used principally for hosiery yarns on the universal cone winders. The specifications, colour, tip, and surface finishes are all provided according to the standard requirement.
    • 5 Deg 57′ Cones – Regular, Straight or Plain Point Nose.
      These cones are mainly used for winding single and multiple cotton threads, synthetic yarns, twines, and so on. They are used in latest high-speed Autoconer machines of famous brands like Savio, Schlafhorst, Murata, etc.
    • 4 Deg 20′ Cones – Regular, Nosed or Plain Point.
      These cones are used in two-for-one twisters, yarn doubling machines and also in the latest model Autoconers.
    • 3 Deg 30′ Cones – Crimped Nose.
      These cones are used to wind rayon, nylon and other filament yarns. Heavy- weight cones are used for constructive yarns and extra large packages.
    • 3 Deg 51′ Cones – Regular, Plain or Straight Nose.
      These cones are used in tyre-cord fabrics and carpet yarns of a heavy nature.

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