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    Paper Tubes

    For fabric, spinning and threads

    BPC’s Textile Paper Tubes are specially designed to suit all needs of fabric and yarn winding. Developed using the finest grade of recycled paperboard and high-performance machinery, these paper tubes find their extensive use in POY winding, DTY winding, FDY winding, open-end spinning, fabric and jute winding, non-woven fabric, carpet yarn winding and much more.

    We manufacture these paper tubes using starch-based adhesives, free from chemicals, resulting in a 100% recyclable product.


    • Grooves – Reserve Groove for yarn tail placement and other grooves are available for special requirements.
    • Notches – V, Y, U, and I notches are available according to customers’ specifications.
    • Bull-nose – Bull nose is preferred since it allows the yarn to flow smoothly from the tubes and suit the adaptors in yarn spinning machines.
    • Perfect round shape – A large run of material could quickly turn into waste if the paper core’s straightness, roundness, and strength are not within the specifications required for the application. Thus, our tubes are roundly shaped for even spinning at high operating speeds.
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    Custom Recycled Kraft Round Cardboard Tubes
    • Printing – The paper tubes produced can be printed with ink on its top nose and tapered ends in different colours and easily recognizable patterns, so as to identify the yarns with various counts making it easier for your employees and customer to handle. Customer logos, unique symbols or signs can be printed on the cones for branding purposes.
    • Grease proof – BPC offers a wide range of coloured parchment as the final layer on our textile tubes. The parchment paper imparts high resistance to abrasion, heat and grease.

    Product Measurements

    Minimum inner Diameter 25 mm
    Maximum inner
    600 mm
    Minimum thickness 1 mm
    Maximum thickness 17 mm
    Minimum length 90 mm
    Maximum length 4000 mm

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